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What we do?

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Our team of professionals visualize what is to be built in a simulated environment and identify potential design, construction, or operational issues. Based on BIM technology, we create an accurate virtual building model that is digitally constructed.

Scan To BIM

One of our speciality services includes applying BIM to existing structures.The combination of LiDAR Scanning and Point Cloud Technology and making it available under one roof, is what makes us the preferred entity around the globe.

Smart City Development

Our expertise in the research and development includes analysis of the City and Developing a Smart Design which entertains all priorities and needs of the Particular City leading to be a Perfect Smart City.

BIM Transformation

Our BIM Experts facilitate and ensure that all the training provided are of the highest standards. The entire process is a seamless flow of hand holding of projects within strict BIM based environments.


Delivery mechanisms coupled with unmatched services count in delivery of complex and turn key projects. As facilitators, we extend assistance to an owner while resolving 2D and 3D issues and provide innovative tips before a structure is built i.e. digital proto-tying.

Civil & Infrastructure

Our structured approach has benefitted stakeholders to obtain details of how an infrastructure project can draw attention. The use of BIM designs enables them to take appropriate decisions and thereby reduce risks, improve both project quality and productivity. Besides, it encourages them to maximise profit and growth opportunities throughout its lifecycle.

Media & Entertainment

Be it – creating innovative, incredible designs to animated models, we create them in such a way whereby overall design with visual effects looks similar to actual project on ground.

Game Development

Much of creative teams’ works include in highlighting properties comprising worlds, characters. The games are mixed with puzzle, adventure that comes handy for collecting maximum points.


CAVE is not a new bird in town. Hundreds of Dry Runs and Thousands of Experiments have led us to come to you with this Unique Concept. With the Experts of Industry, UNIBiM is proud to present you A Exotic Heritage Experience, UNICAVE.

3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages.

Drone Survey Services

In the field of infrastructure development, land surveying and mapping, it is required to have responsible development, planning and perfect execution of every form of construction. On the same note using Drone for Asset Mapping, Solar Study, Windmill Inspection, Mobile tower Inspection and many more applications of industry.


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