MEP Services

Clash Detection

Working to your advantage are certified MEP engineers and BIM experts developing MEP component models. They evaluate the performance of HVAC systems for various building facilities. Their clash detection and resolution services for MEP components are effectively executed in Navisworks.

4D Construction Simulation

MEP allows easy dispensation for experts monitoring mechanical, electrical and plumbing details simulated in 3D apparatus. By and large, it allows 3D design performance to be simulated and assessed before actual work onsite starts and helps them understand the overall design process.

5D Quantity Take-off & Cost Estimation

We offer comprehensive information on all aspects such as quantities, location, time and costs. With help of cost estimation services, you could enhance aesthetic aspects through more flexible operations. Accurate BIM cost estimating provides clients with the detailed report on modeled materials.


Other than architectural and structural issues, mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues have to be addressed on urgent basis. This is where MEP engineering enters periphery with BIM integrated tools providing access to your project – designing, taking estimates and details, fabrication to installing mechanical, electrical and plumbing building systems. MEP tailor-made solutions encourage engineers to manage design and fabricators meant to execute the manufacturing process.

Construction Documentation

Seek guidance from MEP teams chalking out relevant details of working drawings. Blueprint of actual project is created so as to streamline overall construction process. Quality check within MEP designs by trained professionals boosts its productivity in short-run. Building system drawings include simulation, clash detection, quantities take-off and facility management issues.

MEP Coordination

Skilled drafters deliver MEP coordination drawings for MEP contractors so that they stay efficient during design stages and avoid spatial availability issues arising during construction stages. It becomes of an interest with MEP BIM designs coordinating with architectural and structural designs.

3D Modeling

Details on MEP design collaboration mitigate project risks and wasteful expenditure. MEP/HVAC consultants, fabricators, contractors stand to gain through our MEP BIM services.