Delivery mechanisms coupled with unmatched services count in delivery of complex and turnkey projects. As facilitators, we extend assistance to an owner while resolving 2D and 3D issues and provide innovative tips before a structure is built i.e. digital proto-tying.


BIM Strategy

A close working rapport along with a well-defined project roadmap elaborating on construction phases and BIM processes are among the prominent aspects.

BIM Standards

Detailed workflow explains effective methods for converting data into a 3D model. Incorporating details decide design outcome evolving from conceptual stage to its lifespan.

IT Integration

Our BIM manufacturing application is a data management software that involves all processes related to documentation and data management. Access them from your web, desktop or mobile platforms.

Plant Visualization

Our BIM model allows the user to visualize complex MEP elements in an effective manner. There is easy accessibility at even remote areas in plant facility that is determined through navigation tools. Implementing VR inside the MEP Models.

BIM for Pre-Fabrication

It is a challenging task to procure details of a specific structure involving geometrical properties. The model is used for pre-fabricating those complex structures within MEP designs, thereby, saving resources.