Architecture Engineering Construction

Architects, builders, owners, and engineers solely benefit with exclusive Building Information model services meant to reduce time, costs and offer you value for money. Architectural design process without BIM technology is null and void. Optimising BIM designs are architects defining quality standards prior to project completion.


Scan To BIM

One of our speciality services includes applying BIM to existing structures.The combination of LiDAR Scanning and Point Cloud Technology and making it available under one roof, is what makes us the preferred entity around the globe.Imagine if authorities were able to avert disasters? This is the reason why we are here and have undertaken Scan to BIM projects to restore monuments,Industrial renovation, redevelopment of old building & simulation.


Civil & Infrastructure

Think out of the box! Availability of options in civil and infrastructure galore with every passing day. BIM help by technical youth encourages clients resolve issues with relative ease. Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Water Management, Roads and Rail transportation fall under civil and infrastructure category.


About our company

In 2013, a team of entrepreneurs decided that BIM was a new age culture that would change the entire AEC industry. They called this dream “UNIBiM" professionals with the zest to build future designs, to imagine, conceptualize and BUILD. This little dream has now grown globally and is founded by Suresh Patel, an entrepreneur in his own right. UNIBiM in last 5 years has grown to be a 250 strong team – with some of the best minds in the BIM industry from around the globe. Headquartered in one of the richest business states of India – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, UNIBiM has now offices in UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan & Australia.

We have clients in over 20 countries

Our Capabilities

This has been possible because our mission is to break the ice in terms of the apprehension which exists towards ‘Change’. Combined with an expert team in change management, this thought has served as a perfect mode for our clients to attain efficiency and optimisation.

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