Civil & Infrastructure


Think out of the box! Availability of options in civil and infrastructure galore with every passing day. BIM help by technical youth encourages clients resolve issues with relative ease. Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Water Management, Roads and Rail transportation fall under civil and infrastructure category.


Geographical scans

Sketches tend to confuse many. Results, however, prove worthwhile if a building or historical monument takes shape of 3D point cloud document. It is laser scanners pressed into action where different portions of every structure are scanned in time bound manner

Smart City, Railway & Airport

Essentially speaking, scan devices are operationalized where the emergence of millions of points are integrated within one large scan file. All the more scan specialists are among those individuals whose point cloud data by far enables you to track virtual representation of any structure.

Data Center and Cloud

Following LiDAR operation, scan experts stitch millions of point cloud points in one large file. This file i.e. Recap acts as a reference document for those working on a scan to BIM project of ancient/modern structures. At the time of renovation, planners/authorities rely on this data, covering coordinates too.

Site analysis

Re-examining a project to core describes the big picture with field teams analyzing individual point clouds and stitching them into a unified set of points. Operationalising them is a viable option for every individual to create BIM model covering different project areas. Our models developed accurately represent existing site details and information within them supports maintenance and operation life-cycle.

As-built models

This city model covers the landscape, terrain surfaces, vegetation or buildings as part of our geo-referenced data. Vast expertise and years of experience reinstate fact of how large-scale scanning and modeling jobs unfold with relevant topic subjected to city modeling. In perspective, the model supports urban planners and government authorities to plan, execute large scale infrastructure projects.


Due to digital orthophotography, visual content of a photograph is as accurate as a map for measurements. Distance measurements, area calculations, direction calculations and coordinates at given location are among orthophotography characteristics. Essentially, a base map layer for the geographic information system which is used by 3D representatives.