Cave VR

  • Integrating BIM Data
  • Ease of Acces in Facility Management
  • Exotic Heritage Experience
  • Rejuvenating Gaming Experience

At UNIBiM, we never stop getting better. Our research and analysis department keeps on finding better solutions. Their curiosity and immense expertise led to the implementation of even better technology viz. Cave Automatic Virtual Environment also, known as CAVE. The shortfalls of VR were all rectified and our team took us to the “CAVE”. The Environment consisting of a cube-shaped VR Room which is made up of Projection Screens all around including the Floors, Ceilings, and Walls. The user instead of the VR Headset wears a Polarized Glasses and interacts with the system through input devices such as wands, joysticks or even data gloves. The High-End Models created in 3Ds MAX and Revit are used to produce Virtual Environment as good as realistic scenes.



  • Charismatic Appearance
  • Luring Tourists around the Globe
  • Easy Installation at Museums, Hotels, Exhibitions etc.
  • Enormous amount of Content as we have Heritage in Bulk.