Drone Survey Services

Utilities (Distribution-Transmission)

Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring of Assets, Asset Mapping & GIS Survey, Identification and Tagging of Defects on Power-lines & Conductors with Predictive O&M solutions, Right of Way & Pre-Feasibility survey for Planning, Stringing of Power-lines & Hardware

Metro & Road Mapping

DPR and Pre-Feasibility survey for Project Planning, Construction Progress Real-Time Monitoring & 3D Modelling, Contour Survey & Engineering Survey Report Preparation, Advanced Analytics with specific Object Detection & Classification for Encroachment & Planning

Road & Infrastructure Projects

DPR and Pre-Feasibility Topography survey for Project Planning, Earthwork Estimation & Calculation, Contour & Elevation Survey, Project Planning & Monitoring


Multispectral Crop Survey for Precision Agriculture and Crop Health Monitoring, Yield Estimation, Pest&Weed Detection, Crop Boundary Marking and Crop Insurance Validation, Precision Spraying for seeds and pesticides.

Land Survey & Area Mapping

Large Area Mapping Services for Topography Survey, Contour Survey, 3D Mapping, Advanced Analytics with Specific object classification such as Roads, Utilities, Vegetation, Building Footprints etc.

Earthwork Calculation

Highly Accurate and Cost- Effective Volumetric Calculations, Quantity Cut and Fill Estimation, Advanced Analytics for Stockpile Estimation and Project Management

Forest Survey

Highly Accurate Forest Area Mapping with Topography Survey, Land Use Land Cover Mapping, Vegetation Inspection and Encroachment Detection, Change Detection and Boundary Marking, Advanced Analytics with Tree Counting and Green Cover Estimation

Mines Survey

2D and 3D GIS Mapping of Entire Mines with accurate Contour and Topography Survey, Earthwork Calculations for Stockpile, Survey for Accurate Drilling and Blasting, Autonomous Project monitoring and Reporting

Asset Mapping & Modeling

High Resolution Asset 2D Mapping, 3D Modelling and CAD-BIM Integration Services, Project Inspection & Real-time Defect Detection with Thermal and IR Inspection for Asset Audit

Industrial Inspections & Survey

Autonomous Inspection and Survey of Refineries, Boilers and Chimney with Structural and Thermal Audit via special sensors, Real-Time Detection of Cracks and Defects and High-Risk Autonomous Surveys without human intervention

Smart City Projects

Large Scale GIS Mapping of Smart City Projects, Project Planning and City-Level 3D Modelling, Advanced Analytics with Property Tax & Building Integration,Solar Potential Estimation, Utility Planning etc.

Solar PV Plant Survey

Autonomous Inspection and Thermal Audit of Entire Plant and Substation, autonomous identification of cracks and hotspots, Pre-Feasibility Topography Survey and Site Design Survey

Windmill Inspection & Survey

Autonomous and speedy Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades, Real-time Detection of Dust,Cracks and Defects, Pre-Feasibility Topography Survey and Site Design Survey

Slum Mapping

Extensive High Resolution Mapping Survey for Slum Land Records, Redevelopment and Future Planning,Advanced Analytics with Slum Count, Rooftop Solar and Rain Potential etc.