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Civil & Infrastructure

Think out of the box! Availability of options in civil and infrastructure galore with every passing day. BIM help by technical youth encourages clients resolve issues with relative ease. Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Water Management, Roads and Rail transportation fall under civil and infrastructure category.


Geographical scans

Beyond aerial survey, the advanced device is pressed into action to scan area topography of infrastructure project coming up. Making use of LiDAR technology remains our speciality.A lot depends on covering its length, breadth with point cloud data optimised, hence, benefitting you to convert this data into information rich 3D models.We cite instance of design and planning teams making ample use of these models.


Smart City, Railway & Airport

Traditional drawings are thing of past. Modern designs provide immediate solutions to town planners with design and development teams focusing on large infrastructure projects covering smart city, roads, rail and airport.Multiple teams identify and resolve issues as these organised designs appear as coordinated BIM models.


Data Center and Cloud

Accessing BIM details on project environment in cloud is part of a model. We access, analyze and aggregate it so as to connect interface design in context of surrounding environment.


Site analysis

Three-dimensional design gives ample opportunity to analyze infrastructure facilities on electrical cable routes, storm water systems, road, rail and air networks etc.


As-built models

In-built ones provide detailed perspective of existing buildings, rail and air infrastructure and even improve overall infrastructure facilities in place.



Alongside 3D smart city, railway or airport project details, our simulation aspects address issues on real-time traffic and passenger inflow with animated effects, walkthroughs etc.