Callan Carpenter interacts with UNIBiM employees

Autodesk Consulting Vice President Callan Carpenter met representatives of UNIBiM Services on a three-day trip here. He visited UNIBiM office in Ahmedabad and made his presence felt by having one to one conversations with architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) experts.

Numerous instances on the effective use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) services were brought up for discussion. He explained a number of processes involving speeding up projects, mitigating risks, solving business related problems and promoting innovation.

Callan also managed to take out time from his busy schedule to participate in a radio talk show where he cited examples of BIM concepts. He stressed on its benefits and advantages to the end-user. In addition, he explained the way different designs have led to transformation in AEC industry.

Accompanied by UNIBiM representatives, he visited largest temple in Gujarat, Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar. What amazed him was its architecture and grandeur of how the majestic carved stone structure stood amid sprawling gardens. For quite some time, he was staring at the 6,000 tonnes of pink sandstone which was used in building the temple.

About the author: Anil Patel

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