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Building Information Modeling

Be it big/small building or infrastructure projects and archaeological sites, we have delivered every resource to our clients.

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UNIBiM Services Pvt. Ltd.


Our Services


Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The spatial model is useful for design, build and facility management. Detailed building plan is digitally constructed and helps clients detect clashes, 4D simulation and QTO processes.

Civil & Infrastructure

Large and medium size enterprises take advantage of 3D and 4D visualizations that explain a documented futuristic product embedding highest BIM standards.


Delivery mechanisms coupled with unmatched services count in delivery of complex and turnkey projects. As facilitators, we extend assistance to an owner while resolving 2D and 3D issues and provide innovative tips before a structure is built i.e. digital proto-tying.

Media & Entertainment

Be it – creating innovative, incredible designs to animated models, we edit them in such a way whereby overall design with visual effects looks similar to actual project on ground.

BIM Training

We believe BIM training is the crucial component of any change.

Scan to BIM

Our speciality services includes applying BIM toexisting structures.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Our services are designed to cover all aspects & stages of construction , manufacturing & media related projects.
We customize the scope for each project after detail analysis of requirements to ensure maximum value to our clients. Contact us for more details


BIM Transformation

Clients’ personnel are able to execute tasks on their own once BIM workflow, project schedules, family, templates are set in place.



Scan to BIM

Millions of points in point cloud are converted into relevant 3D data. This is due to effective use of LiDAR laser scanners.



BIM Modeling & Documentation

Our intelligent model covers parametric project details. Design, construction, development and pre-fabrication aspects analyze energy performance of built environment. Whereas, updating bills of quantities, drawings and specifications in project data and creating inclusive models for construction documentation, drawings benefits all.



Clash Detection & Coordination

The rule of thumb for cost-effective management is to highlight misalignments. A single model enables us to detect clashes and thereafter, submit clash reports to clients. Comprising structural and mechanical elements, it facilitates multi-coordination of structural design documentation between architecture and engineering teams.



4D Construction Simulation

It allows 3D design performance to be simulated and accessed before actual work on-site starts. Our teams resolve problems on time, thereby, benefitting owners, users.



5D Quantity Take-off & Cost Estimation

QTO estimates ensure of no element duplication in a three-dimensional model. It provides reports on material quantities agreement benefitting contractors, vendors. Manpower and technical equipment are key aspects when it comes to determining project costs and estimation.